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10th Anniversary Party of The Village Green in Foxboro

There is nothing better than being awakened on a Saturday morning with brilliant sunshine, especially after a week of mostly rain. Today Rob and I took a drive to Foxboro to partake in the 10th Anniversary of the Village Green. Now I have mentioned the Village Green in a previous blog because I have bought some seeds here and it is also a lovely store that sells goods from many local artists, farmers and vendors. When we were here last, Karyn gave us a little flyer about the big event she was planning for the 10th Anniversary of her store. I immediately marked it on the calendar and couldn’t wait to partake in the event! We arrived pretty close to the start and the event was already in full swing!

 The Lions Club was selling hamburgers and beverages with some lovely caramelized onions. Tables were set up with free giveways including marigold seedlings, doggy treats, and lotions from Green Beaver Company. My nose led me to the table set up by Loyalist Coffee of Brighton which specializes in roasting fair trade and organic coffee beans. They provided complimentary coffee for the event.

The children were attracted to the visitors from the Alpaca farm from Stirling. I think the three alpacas were providing the entertainment for the event! I learned quite a lot about honey and a variety of bee products, including eating bee pollen and honeycomb, from the Twin Sisters hive in Stirling. We picked up some honey here.

Of course it wouldn’t be an event without garlic! Elly from Railway Creek was there which was awesome because I have managed to devour the garlic I bought from her two weeks ago! We picked up some garlic and a steak as well. Of course it wouldn’t be a party without cake, Karyn had a beautiful cake in honor of the event. Before we left we picked up a Norway Spruce tree seedling that was yet another give away. I have unfortunately misplaced the name of the nursery that sponsored the tree seedling giveaway, but he had some beautiful trees to choose from including sugar maple, highbush cranberries, and butternut. All in all I would say that this event was a success! We went to a celebration and left with garlic, a steak, 2  hamburgers, doggy treats, face cream, popcorn, honey, a marigold seedling, and a tree seedling. The best part of the day was that everyone was celebrating local products and ways to slow down and think about where the things you buy come from! What a lovely day and thank you to everyone who donated all of the wonderful freebies!

On another note I will share a recipe, but unfortunately there is not a photo to go with it because it was devoured so fast!

Feta Bruschetta

1 loaf French bread, sliced lengthwise
2 tomatoes, diced (I used hydroponic tomatoes)
4-6 cloves garlic, roughly chopped (I used Railway Creek- a purple husked variety)
Salt/ pepper
Basil (fresh if it in season, dried if not)
Olive oil
Balsalmic vinegar
Feta cheese (I used Fifth Town Goat Feta)

Put bread on a baking sheet. Drizzle bread with olive oil. Spread half of the garlic on the bread. Mix tomatoes, the remaining garlic, basil, salt, pepper, crumbled feta. Add a little olive oil and vinegar to your liking. Arrange the mixture on top of the bread. If you are like me and can’t get enough of feta, then crumble more feta to go on top. Bake at 375°F for about 6-8 minutes or until golden brown.

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  1. Lovely summary of what sounds like a fun day! I'm so sorry i didnt get out to see it, but I had been the week before, and my two friends and I got sidetracked into garage sales after hitting the Farmers Market, and by 2:00 were too pooped to party with the alpacas! It sounds like they had a sucessful day; Im glad! You have a nice eye for taking lovely pictures Gretchen!