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Team USA vs. Team Canada

So the time has come again for the United States to team up against Canada in the World Junior Hockey Tournament.  Since this was the first year in a long time to watch the game on one of our home turfs.  I  decided what better way to bring the rivalry up a notch with some team pizzas.  I made a Canadian flag for Rob using a slice of pepperoni in the shape of a maple leaf for and a pattern of sauce and cheese to make the red and white portions of the flag. 

For the US flag, I did something that I can say that I have only purposefully done a handful of times in my life and that was add blue food coloring to the cheese to make the blue portion of the flag. Now I had all good intentions to pick up a purple potato and make a pile of bluish purple mashed potatoes, however the store  was out of them.  So I resorted to dying a handful of shredded cheese blue. I used thin slices of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese for the read and white stripes and chopped garlic for the stars. 

The table was set with our opposing team flags and of course our signature pizzas. He wouldn’t touch a slice of the US flag pizza and I wouldn’t dare touch a piece of his Canadian flag.  Too bad the US lost so I couldn’t rub it in.  Well that is enough rivalry for one season. 

Now back to living in harmony with each other ;)

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