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Love and Olive Oil Cupcake Supply Contest

On Tuesdays I get finished with work early so in my book there is absolutely no reason not to cook something on these days. I started my morning by running down the list of my favorite food blogs to check what new recipes they had posted. It is always the photos and the blend of seasonal ingredients that attracts me the most to a recipe. I took a break from main course planning and browsed the cupcake section of to see which recipe I might try out next, although I am not sure what can compare to the Chocolate Balsalmic Raspberry or the Sweet Potato with Maple Buttercream recipes that I have recently tried. They were both comparable to a slice of heaven! I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that Lindsay was advertising a raffle for some pretty cool cupcake tools. Since I have managed to try and successfully accomplish some of her recipes without any fancy tools, I am just imagining the wonders that I could create if I did have some of these neat tools. Entering the contest sounds pretty easy, just check out her site, and post to her blog your interest. If you are into baking as much as I am, check out her site and take a chance at sprucing up your baking supplies!

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